Jacques Stompboxes Tube Blower
Jacques Stompboxes Tube Blower

Tube Blower, Overdrive pedal from Jacques Stompboxes.

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Lonewolf 04/09/2005

Jacques Stompboxes Tube Blower : Lonewolf's user review


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Small overdrive pedals (a takes the place of an MXR more than a Boss)
4 knobs (drive, low, high and level)
True Bypass
Hatch for battery trs think well (below the pedals opens without tools), and certainly not the ugly usual form for 9v battery, but two plates of copper, we put the battery into the trap ( Heiniger in the right direction!) and closes, that's all.
Socket for power supply sector

Designed in France by Jacques Charbit, and manufactures in Europe (no more than dtail, but must be in Marseille in the first place rsidance Charbit)


It is less capricious than I expected, it will rev quickly find a good sound, thanks to the effective and intuitive knobs trs (two knob EQUAL do wonders).
The battery cover trs well think (even if I supplied via the mains)
Solid, compact, ...
short as boxes in this section


Well, things srieuses, how it sounds??

Ben you take a TS808 (you know the legendary Ibanez) and you add a qual that allows the whistle to cut off the mediums she dgueulait so happily, a bit of gain and dynamic ... Tadaaaamm made a Tube Blower, a very enjoyable OD, hot desire, good boost to the big fat ACDC crunch through all imaginable shades between these two limits.

It sings a living, has fun and is made in France!

<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>In boost or overdrive (mtaleux refrain)</span>

Yeah, I do not really know what has got to do, as if that were used in 7-string Ibanez EMG81 branches in Mesa tripple front with the gain donf

It can be quite pretty with transition metal
I use it for personal lines mlodiques fawn Paradise Lost or My Dying Bride, and I put the Drive knob at half APRS legeremenr become fuzzy, but there's still the gain in stock.


I tried a bunch of OD (Digitech Bad Monkey (excelente for the price), MXR Wylde (Gniale, but see me (https://fr.audiofanzine.com/produits/avis/index% 2Cidproduit 2C42819.html%) above, do not put all the amps, Boss SD1, ...) I was looking for sth trs near a Tube Screamer, but that does not have the annoying propention d medium's mouth, and I order this toy DCID directos its designer (via the website http://www.ts808.com/), not necessarily finding empty store, into a exhaustive testing, and bingo! pil hair what I wanted

I highly recommend it, it can only fill ammateurs Overdrive and more of it comes from us not to waste anything (a bit of chauvinism has not hurt)