MXR M66 Classic Overdrive
MXR M66 Classic Overdrive

M66 Classic Overdrive, Overdrive pedal from MXR.

xxmartinxx 08/03/2011

MXR M66 Classic Overdrive : xxmartinxx's user review

« Not really a "distortion" pedal »

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- Output knob (aka volume)
- Tone knob
- Distortion knob
- Internal voicing switch
- External 9 volt power connection
- Internal 9 volt battery connection


It really does not get much simple than this. The Output knob is your volume, the distortion knob controls the amount of gain, and the tone knob control the equalization of the signal. Turning it up gets brighter tones, turning it down gets you darker tones.


This pedal basically sounds like juiced up Tube Screamer. I’ve found that with some amps it sounds phenomenal and on other amps it sounded dismal. All of the amps I have tried it on were tube amps. I'm not sure what causes the huge disparity in tonal quality other than the preamp design.

It has a fair amount of gain on tap. When mated with an amp the pedal likes the EQ knob is quite useful. When mated with an amp it doesn't like, it goes from bad to worse. Similar problems occur with the signal volume.

This is basically the same review as the Classic Overdrive. Why? Because, to me, they sound almost identical. The Classic Overdrive has a slightly more midrangy sound where as the Classic Distortion is slighty more scooped, has a little bit more bass, and is a little more compressed. It has a little bit more gain on tap, but nowhere near what someone would consider to be a lot of gain. There is a reason they call it a "Classic" distortion pedal.


MXR sold these pedals on a limited basis through Guitar Center only. Then Guitar Center ending up blowing them out at $30. It's a steal for $30 and worth the gamble to see if it will create magic with your amp. The prices on the aftermarket are starting to creep up. If you can find one cheap ($50 or under), it's probably worth checking out.