Prescription Electronics RX OVERDRIVER
Prescription Electronics RX OVERDRIVER

RX OVERDRIVER, Overdrive pedal from Prescription Electronics.

moosers 08/03/2011

Prescription Electronics RX OVERDRIVER : moosers's user review


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The Prescription Electronics RX Overdriver is a recreation of the Color Sound Overdriver that was a pedal of Jeff Beck's. The pedal is an analog one that is pretty standard in make up, consisting of 1/4" connections for input and a power supply jack. It's not rack mountable as it's as foot pedal. It comes in a few different looks and styles since all of their pedals are home made.


The make up of the Prescription Electronics RX Overdriver is straight forward and easy to understand. It has four knobs to control the different parameters for volume, drive, and both bass and treble. It's nice to have independent tone control as these are the parameters you'll usually see on an overdrive pedal but usually there's only one tone knob. No use for a manual here since it's very simple.


The sound of the Prescription Electronics RX Overdriver is extremely milky and rich. I really like it has a silky and smooth overdrive for both lead and rhythm guitar parts, but mainly for lead parts. There are a lot of overdrive pedals out there that are great for rhythm, but not as many for lead, so it's nice to see that here. It definitely has it's own sound which I like very much. I don't own one of these but it's a great tool to have in the studio.


The Prescription Electronics RX Overdriver is a unique overdrive pedal and is one that I didn't know about until recently. I'm glad I've experienced it now as it's perfect for lead guitarists looking for a milky, rich, and smooth sound. The price is more than reasonable considering that it's hand made like all pedal by Prescription Electronics. Although it's definitely aimed at professional or more experienced guitar players, it's worth a look for anyone looking for a top end overdrive.