Rocktron Sonic Glory Overdrive
Rocktron Sonic Glory Overdrive

Sonic Glory Overdrive, Overdrive pedal from Rocktron in the Boutique series.

nypo 12/25/2007

Rocktron Sonic Glory Overdrive : nypo's user review


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This is an overdrive. Point
If you want the sound of Metallica or Satriani, it's not what you need.
As for playing against Jimmy Page without pushing your JCM800 bottom is perfect.
I use it with a Lag Roxanne master of all-tube amp class A. Koch
I tried it on his fat, a bit fuzzy for 70 years with medium overtones.
That's exactly right!


3 settings: volume, tone, gain

simple and effective:

Solid construction, all metal with a big push / push in the middle.
There's the pedal as 30 years (my first pedal was a phaser MXR90 1975): the rib, simple and hassle free.


Perfect sound quality, no background noise and it's all analog transistor.
The beautiful and well rounded, with no fuzz, who blackmails the harmonics as Clapton and Jeff Beck.
And not very breath by connecting the crunch channel of the amp. can not be said of some digital effects (such as the TC Electronic G Sharp that I also use the effects loop and blowing as it can)


For 80 euro is much better than the famous Boss OD1 or even the Guv'nor.

But this is only my opinion ...
and I share it.