Singlecoil Plexi Box
Singlecoil Plexi Box

Plexi Box, Overdrive pedal from Singlecoil.

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barvador 11/21/2010

Singlecoil Plexi Box : barvador's user review

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It's a distortion pedal that acts like a preamp. The idea is that it sounds like a Marshall Plexi's heyday and is generally successful.
Volume level, a level of distortion, a tone, with true bypass stomp, handmade custom, deco perso possible, the Custom Shop, where I chose what went knobs ...


The volume and distortion interact and combinations are almost endless. I did redo levels of distortion because I found them a bit soft and they gave me back the gain with an "average use" type TS9 with the knobs at noon. That is the custom shop with a real exchange with the manufacturer even though the site and workshop in Germany.
The gain ranges from very small to very large distortion amp. All intermediate combinations are possible, but it's for the big distortion that I prefer.


The grain is fabulous, very creamy with a nice attack, a lot of heat and very effective fine tuning on the race of the 3 knobs. No noise, no signal loss, that's preamp. If the knobs are at zero, the sound does not come out, and it goes up big vintage distortion, more accurate and less screaming than distordion MXR +. It is absolutely beautiful and very close to his plexiglass all the dynamics and the small gnaque early attack are present. pass all the guitars on this pedal, my Les Paul and his vintage microphones SH1 Seymour is forceful but with a Fender, it's classy, Jimi must appreciate ...
Obviously, this is not a metal type distortion, no mistake.


It's been over a year since I'm using is my favorite even if I have two other disto. A TS808 TS9 mod for his sharp and square, a mxr distortion + boost in the blues and the plexiglass box for the beautiful distortion. Not need flares, it is sufficient in itself. It seems more powerful and sharper with the clean channel of the amp but with a slight overdrive at the start, the sound is bold and broad as desired, it is a miracle and it sounds very Marshall Plexi, the promise is kept!

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