Skreddy Pedals Screw Driver
Skreddy Pedals Screw Driver

Screw Driver, Overdrive pedal from Skreddy Pedals.

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Walty 04/12/2013

Skreddy Pedals Screw Driver : Walty's user review

«  inskreddyble but true! »

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Aluminium housing, dimensions (LxWxH) 110mmx60mmx30mm about.

3 knobs: 1 volume, 1 win, 1 sharpness.

Switch ON / OFF: true bypass
Power: 9v battery or transformer (2.1 mm connector, type boss)
Connections Input / Output: standard 6.35mm jack

on older models: 2 trim pots (requires a small screwdriver to adjust), one for the pre-gain, the other for brillance.Accessibles without opening the pedal flanks.

on new models "deluxe or deluxe mini": 2 trimpots are replaced by two potentiometers on the face above.

The +: finally this brand of pedals is distributed in France, it was time! in a music store Crolles (38), see

and also if


The volume knob: everything and the appointment. If you push a little volume, that allows dynamic adds and heavy sound.

The gain knob: Moves a soft crunch / fuzz creamy and subtle boundaries to a strong and aggressive distortion + ..

Sharpness button: allows to control the level of low frequency distortion of the floor of the pedal. mediums fare + / - boosted.

pre-gain control: allows to act on the input MOSFET. More it is pushed and the tone is warm with a distortion + elevated. Notes are also balanced + amplitude.

brightness control: allows to adjust the sound on the mpli which is connected to the pedal (+ / - bright or dark)


This pedal is very subtle in its settings. You can get a sound with a drive just creamy and dark, but also amazing crunch.
As it grows its entrenchment in the small hi-gain, it boasts a beautiful well distortion rock / hard rock, which has a fine touch combined reverb and delay any open your imagination improvisation!


I use since early 2013.

what I like +: crunchy stains that I could get. Its versatility also in hi-gain to attack chorus and solos, domain, or it does not have to be ashamed that I prefer him on this ground his young cousin P19 (see here http://fr.audiofanzine .com/distorsion-guitare/skreddy-pedals/p19/avis/r.113008.html)