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Smallsound/Bigsound Mini
Smallsound/Bigsound Mini
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flatdream flatdream

« Swiss army knife of the OD / disto / fuzz »

Published on 11/08/22 at 02:52
Value For Money : Excellent
Audience: Anyone
This box is doing pretty much everything you need from an overdrive / booster / fuzz.
As good with single coils than humbuckers.
I use it either with no gain at all as a clear boost or like an amp in a box (using the bass / trebble and Bias to color the sound)
as an OD with a little gain.
as a 2nd chanel to mimic a marshall lead for exemple.
And it goes all the way to Fuzz sounds velcro-ish when playing with the Bias and cleaning with volume.
All in a small pedalboard friendly box.
This is a life saver if you have only one pedal this one can be your sound shaper.