Jess Loureiro P-90

P-90, P90 guitar pickup from Jess Loureiro.

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Jess Loureiro P-90 : Anonymous 's user review

«  Very correct! But beware: PATIENCE! NO communication. »

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Order placed for a set of P90 with my specs:
* Pickup neck: A3 / 7.3k
* Pickup Bridge: A5 / 7.9K
* 42AWG wire with plain enamel.
Beginning in May 2014.

After an email exchange instant, the guy tells me he can get me the set in a week! Great, I order.
Since that day: total radio silence! A month passes: NO answer, no email for the delay!!
In this case, I am of course aware that the time may be longer than expected, the unexpected that happens, ok no worries ... But at least it prevents, responds to emails ... No justification for its hand: (
I feel it is very quick to take orders.
I learn from various forums and see that I am unfortunately not alone in this case ^ ^ bug, what lack of seriousness!
this guy has everything to rock the house, but unfortunately the big obvious lack of communication does not argue in favor of his business ...
In short, he finally had to file a claim with Payp for Mr. react! Obviously without still no communication from him. ^ ^ We keep "good" habits :-))
Sorry for the pavement, but it deserved to be highlighted!

Short, but apart from a huge patience to finally get my set, luckily I must admit that the microphones are still in good order ... He also respected my specs (still happy).
These sound great on my LP'54, balance is great, they respect the violin to the guitar with warm, woody and precise clean crunch sounds like ... Well above the mics origins Gibson too "modern" and rights.

The price / quality ratio is certainly correct, but for me this is the first and last time I order from him.