ROOMMATE II, PA Floor/Stage Monitor from Bose.

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Gaston midi 08/10/2010

Bose ROOMMATE II : Gaston midi's user review

«  Excellent road system »

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Value For Money : Poor
I these pregnant since the mid 80s.

It served me for everything, Fender electric piano sound with my, my synth in the room where I lived, small sound system when I travel (on 12v in the car), a player and that's the big sound in the middle of Nature (Vivaldi background in the rain too) ... something to fall out with the rest of the campsite ... today they are on TV and it's better than the expensive video systems with lots of plastic enclosures.

Excellent sound is, big and punchy for a small system, the reverse of what we imagine, it just lacks a little extreme treble for my taste, but necessarily, I compare with my pregnant cabasse, then .. .
With a CD player and a headphone jack, you ridicule the most Hifi ... but watch out for musicians, they are not tapping monitoring. (To be avoided at all costs to mix)

They are indestructible ... unless like me you want to use it back from scene to hear your synth in the middle of a 500-watt sound system and nearly a furious drummer ... In this case, a jai grilled HP (I changed it without problem). in normal use no problem.

To me they are irreplaceable, much more efficient than systems with sub, you need a system more expensive for this level of sound, but a more expensive sytems, I not walk across the bottom of a bag or outside .