L-Acoustics MDT112
L-Acoustics MDT112

MDT112, PA Floor/Stage Monitor from L-Acoustics.

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Niko_ze_senicer 02/09/2005

L-Acoustics MDT112 : Niko_ze_senicer's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I find the opinion prcedent a bit pessimistic ...
Indeed the small ERRF of MTD115 (the MTD112) marks some diffrence ds treble, but if it is known filter (with a good Equa, your forget you ...), 01V AC is peanuts .. .

Yes I agree that a couple Gengen not, but all fawn, if you want to make a stack, take the ARCS ...

actually it can wipe a refusal on the sheet as a return:
Primo) in the REFERENCE HEIL 115FM or remaining the 115XT, why take something so well? (It is worth your duck l'orange? Nan Dguelasse, it has to be put on the menu!)
deuzio) The rocker who wants the big ki spot in his ears, APRS moultes years passed before the wall 4X12 ke do swear by LE400 (y'en ki gets off the treble Pay your filthy ... Return fuzz ... lol)

Personally, I think this place is unparalleled for distributed sound system (the MTD115 be too big)
Installation on a type of bar THEME musical sound here is a ready-made solution cohrente
2 MTD112 "hanging in" at the bar (you decide their direction according to your sadism to the bartenders), by multiplying the reminders if ncessaire in this area with a minimum distance of 3 meters from the speakers (to avoid the dcouplage).
The recall of MTD108 room, and SB118 with 2 cache in the institution (Verify first the Architecture of the room).

I use this system in all my config for the past 5 years distributed, absolutely no problem of maintenance, if any time you are an experienced user ...

I do not enter it in the game L-acoustics/Nexo because I think the only way to sound the PS15, is still plugging without the controller (Personal opinion is binding ki ke me!)

A firm cost, prcise, trs race after all (what ke tiring after the 8th hour 105 dB SPL) a spectacular attack (if combined with the amps of the same brand) and manufacture of a physical type ingnirie nuclear, are ke I am a big fan of the product ... HEIL

And then I loose a COCORICO chauvinism (Luckily for football because it's not a)
because L-acoustics and indeed one of the jewels of the European Technology Q ki kicks the Yankees on their home turf, the KUDO proving it once again ...

Finally, I would say that like all L-ACOUSTICS, the purchase is trs painful, but we could ** No value for money!