Peavey Pro 12M Passive
Peavey Pro 12M Passive

Pro 12M Passive, PA Floor/Stage Monitor from Peavey.

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AlanForPresident 06/28/2012

Peavey Pro 12M Passive : AlanForPresident's user review

« sounds good »

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You will get a great sound when using the Peavey Pro 12M Passive Monitor, it is also very easy to take around with you because it has a built on handle on the side of it so if you are using it for gigging then you will be right at home with it. It doesn’t way a lot, and its really not that big either so taking it in and out of your vehicle wont be a problem. Also, the sound on it travels pretty far for it to be such a little stage floor model. I havent heard to many floor model monitors with a sound that can sound so big out of such a small monitor.

We used this floor monitor for a short period of time back in 2009 before starting to use a different one. There really was no reason why we stopped using it because it worked great and did exactly what it was suppose to do , we just always end up switching up gear often so most of our gear doesn’t stay to long. We ended up trading this in, and getting a good store trade in credit on it and purchased a newer model from Peavey.

The sound is great, it’s a clear sound for when we were in our classic rock gigging stage. For the price of this and what you get there really isn’t too many other floor monitors that are for a live setting that can compete with the Pro 12m. The Peavey Pro 12M is at the top of its class and will continue to gain respect throughout the gigging musician community. I still see people using them a lot.

Overall, it’s a great stage monitor and im pretty sure they have the same monitor but the 15’ version out. I would opt to get that one if we could go back in time and make the decision again.