Yorkville eXcursion 1000 B
Yorkville eXcursion 1000 B

eXcursion 1000 B, PA Package (Sub + Satellite) from Yorkville.

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kuba 12/19/2006

Yorkville eXcursion 1000 B : kuba's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
The 1000 B is for Black Granite finish. The rest is the same as 1000.

Power / compactness levbr /> Its Quasi Hifi
Versatilitbr /> Components srieux
Each HP possde his amplifier.
All Systm is "processquot; for optimal operation and overload quickly.
Building that exudes srieux.
Plateau roulette ddi provided and removable.
Trpieds Yorkville satellites to provide stable trs.
Quality price ratio.

The price too, because it's not an absolute given.
Lightweight default in the medium. A piano or a layer of pure synth is tainted by a kind of saturation lgre, or as if the HP "galvanized". Probably in a imprcision Systm filter (crossover). A BMOL Gnant if we are demanding.

This would Systm t perfect with a medium HP frquence of 30cm and a lower cut-off with the sub ... But it is the Xcursions 2000! ;-) (Too expensive for me unfortunately).

I cost of other models of the same type: HK smart (good but not powerful), HK 600MK2 (powerful but its not pretty) HK 1000 (gure better but more powerful), Peavey ProSub amplified 12 Amp Pro: not bad, but a little soft at the bottom and a little clutter above 8kHz, pronounced same breath ZrO knobs.

The 1000 tour is for me a good price for quality compact a system that is capable of almost anything Tones (rock band to DJ) in a pub or a multipurpose room, or a small room rptition (30 m). One branch, a function is equilibrated.