Akai Professional APC40

APC40, PAD Controller from Akai Professional in the APC series.

palmo 01/11/2010

Akai Professional APC40 : palmo's user review


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<span style="font-family: 'Lucida Grande'; white-space: pre-wrap;">How long have you use it? - I use it for almost one month Have you tried many other models before buying it? - I have not tried many controllers noon to hand a master keyboard oxygene49, so nothing to see. on the other hand, a few days after purchasing my APC-40, I bought a home Akai LPD8 (40 €), which erases all the faults of the beast (defects of which I speak later). I want to clarify that I discovered Live along the machine! With experience, you do again this choice? - With experience, I do it again this choice because there is no machine in this price range that would introduce me to live in so little time and so intuitively. What thing do you like most and least? + Intuitive, no mapping to + solid appearance, good looks + precision controllers + No need to be glued to his computer + is monitored while a wink, it's perfect for creating like to play Live - Missing a few buttons for switching on / off the different effects of Live (that's why I bought the LPD8, no problem) - Size large, but it was something for nothing - Colors not very visible in full days - is played to the APC-40 way, but that's okay because I live so I discovered learns the same time. - The Live version provided is **** m ic, it takes to make a € 220 update: ESSENTIAL if you want something decent in overall Very good machine, I am very happy. But more than that it is Ableton Live that put me a big slap! I put aside Logic and now I created on Ableton as a rough book and then I put all it's own gorgeous. I made ​​sounds that sound alive in record time! I mostly use PCA to play Live. I prefer to work with the LPD8 old school like that I can work my sounds without having to get out the big guns (PCA). And when it's time to repeat my live, I go hop APC and everything is already mapped! ps: My girlfriend gave me the DVD "learn Ableton Live 8" so that I do not have to look how this works for 20 years: Bottom line, in a month that claims to control 70% live, and I 100% pleased with this wonderful APC and its little brother, the APC40! 8/10 for flaws that I mentioned above.</span>

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