Akai Professional MPC Renaissance
Akai Professional MPC Renaissance

MPC Renaissance, PAD Controller from Akai Professional in the MPC series.

janolitoh 09/27/2014

Akai Professional MPC Renaissance : janolitoh's user review

«  software still perfectible (too many bug) »

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How long have you use it?

I ais for 5 months.

Have you tried many other models before buying it?

I have the mpc 1000 with the osjj, more I "ve worked on cubase 5.

What thing do you like most?

Its sequencer
visual comfort and work thanks to software

light pads

vintage fashion especially the mpc 60 giving a can of potato prod mode

is its ease of use even without specific notion of English is doing very well, we are working a classic mpc faster, the finish is excellent, recall the design of the mpc 60.

It is very ergonomic.

How do you like the least?

Unable to save the prod with the vintage mode (works only reading)

No detector bpm
Neither side chain
It's not really a mpc is a control surface that is dependent on its software to work
but it is mainly the overall stability of the software which is disappointing, yet I had ais version 1.6 (the first thought that we purchased in 2012 to version 1.0), I already had the software crash and even pc (blue screens) and more bugs backup made me lose my current project, the problem of external vst that are planted and even those like the famous Akai hybrid (version 1.7) that this cut when I change preset so I am forced to charge for it working again makes me spike gpu so that I have a Q9550 intel cadensé to 3.4GHz and since I switched to version 1.7 my backup problems is missing but other bug the crash appeared more numerous (software and pc) crack audio during recording software that is not responding when I stopped, and even Temp Temp in the 16 level that it disables all alone while I do a bass line by ex, as you say that to live is missing, otherwise I think the future shift of Akai contribute their share of resolutions but when ??? here is another story.

How would you rate the quality / price?

It's quite expensive for a control surface and an ultra buggy software that is yet out there 2 years ago.

With experience, you do again this choice? ...

Yes, because without her unstable and poorly optimized software, the mpc ren would be a frightening machine
now all in the hands of akai to continue corrected bugs and added new functionalities to the mpc renaissance is inevitable.