Akai MPD16
Akai MPD16

MPD16, PAD Controller from Akai in the MPD series.

FP User 10/31/2008

Akai MPD16 : FP User's user review


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I personally like the features here. I wish there was a roll function but other than that I dont have a complaint about this piece feature wise.

Price paid


Its very easy to use. Just plug in any usb 2.0 cable to ur computer then plug it into the mpd16. Your computer will then prompt you to install the software. After that you can open the midi utlity software and assign each pad to a note and the pad will then control that note in the same way a key would on a midi keyboard. My only issue with it has been that sometimes the usb connection will go offline when you send too much information through the controller.

Its held up pretty well over the year I had it except for the usb connection.

I love my mpd16. I wish I could figure out whats going on with the usb connection but this is a great piece of gear.

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Posted by: Xabiton ( 3-, 2006)