MGR/mtebaldi 09/28/2010

Korg PadKONTROL : MGR/mtebaldi's user review

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Since I started to write and perform with Ableton Live, I felt the need to acquire more and more MIDI controller devices. The Korg padKontrol grabbed my eye because of its compact size and its very helpful features.

I paid only $180 for this MIDI controller.

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I guess the first thing to consider when purchasing a pad controller is, obviously, its pads. The Korg padKontrol features nice rubbery pads that not only makes it comfortable to play with but also helps with its sensitivity. There were several features that I liked with this piece of gear. For one, how easy is to change the pad sounds once you have the instrument loaded up and the parameters set for each pad, such as velocity. Also, two assignable knobs for further control of effects and the XY pad that lets you create roll patterns. You can plug in the padKontrol via USB without having to worry about power or a MIDI Audio interface. I use the padKontrol not only for beat making but also for creating sound textures with synths as well as a controller for my DAW. It%92s really handy for songwriting especially when traveling.

I wish they had built this controller with a couple more assignable knobs. You can never have too many knobs to play with.

In spite of its light weight, the Korg padKontrol is a well built machine. The only downside is its knobs seem a little cheap. Here is its specifications: 16 velocity-sensitive trigger pads with LED illumination, X-Y pad, 2 assignable knobs, assignable pedal jack (pedal not included), 7-segment, 3-digit LED display, 16 user scene memories, 30 preloaded scene templates, USB bus power, MIDI I/O, USB port, power supply jack (DC9V, not included), pedal jack Includes USB cable and CD-ROM containing padKONTROL Editor/Librarian software.

The Korg padKontrol can be very useful for songwriters, DJ and producers who need a portable MIDI controller for beat creation or hands on DAW control.

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