PaulyPaul 10/15/2012

Korg PadKONTROL : PaulyPaul's user review

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The Korg PadKontrol can be purchased in White or in Black. The price is very good, and it was when it first came out many years ago. Just looking at the face of the PadKontrol you can tell that it is an older unit because it just has that old style look to it. The PadKontrol is very expressive and can do pretty much anything you would want out of a MIDI controller. Every single pad out of the 16 of them can be assigned to a different MIDI channel so you can control different functions with it. All of the pads are velocity sensitive or you can turn the velocity off and get the perfect strike on the pad every single time you hit it. The pads are pretty well built but I still think AKAI’s MPD has better pads than this unit does.

Setting it up was really easy and no effort was involved, just have to make sure that your system requirements are right because this unit is so old, all of the new operating systems could run you for a loop when trying to install this. You might have to download some new drivers and patches online to get it to work but in most cases you should be good to go with the original drivers right out of the box.

The PadKontrol is well built and will last you a long time. I purchased a used one and had it for a few years then sold it to a friend and he has been using it for years so it has been in at least 3 different owners hands and it is many years old. It still works great, it does look a little tarnished though but that doesn’t effect the playing or usability of it. But if you want a better built controller with better pads check out the MPD by AKAI you will get more bang for your buck.