ADJ (American DJ) Mega QA PAR38
ADJ (American DJ) Mega QA PAR38

Mega QA PAR38, PAR (Parabolic Aluminized Reflector) from ADJ (American DJ).

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chapssigonce 01/23/2013

ADJ (American DJ) Mega QA PAR38 : chapssigonce's user review

«  little practice, beautiful colors »

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I just try. I bought four to one against, placed on the ground.
The colors are very successful. 15 macros are proposed and the colors are bright and vibrant. Special mention to amber.
They are light and small ... and with dmx and IEC socket, not always easy to handle two lyres for floor standing. Must link the four projos before putting the electric current if the slaves do not recognize their master.
The price is too high and the production seems good.
Question brightness, it's not very powerful but in my case to one against, that's fine. To compare the four QApar 38 are more powerful than a bar eurolite KLS 400.

Most: the colors amber
ease of transport and installation
chaining projos

Cons: the little space under the projo to handle the lyre and the floor-
sound control setting that lacks finesse