Stairville PAR56 Long
Stairville PAR56 Long
49nono 01/21/2010

Stairville PAR56 Long : 49nono's user review


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It has been 3 years since I used 16.

When I ComenC j'avais8 PAR 56 short black (bought used) that taientd'une very good sound. The Stairville are not.

I sold my old Stairville PAR for because I voulaisd'avantage (I pass de8 16 IN) and I voulaisqui Moreover, long version.

The pros:
Filter holder in metal
Sling scuritbr /> Grid protection before the bulb
Relatively correct clamping

The -:
No banana rglage possible because the rear of the projector is not open. However j'uilise bulbs DK quasiement therefore the beam is round, so I do not need spcification that setting.

15 + 10 projector bulb ... the price is correct!

I certainly do not do it again this election because I sorely lack power (through lighting show) where Glatin is ahead.

For lighting without Glatin or as a decoration or for annimation discomobile it restel'idale.

Me who used to show, finally j'obterais for PAR 64 DTS (which are rglage banana) 30 1000 watt bulb with a 20 or 50 all.

I will still keep the same carpour decoration effects, the power is sufficient (300 watts).
Also, I recommend using only with PAR 56 bulbs DK ote possibly the MFL but in no case more WFL because the beam is wider, clearer and less ac beam is concentrated more ca clear (for the same power of 300 watts).
In addition, GE Lighting prfrez bulbs rather than those with Omnilux ("chinoiserie") which are not much more CHRE.