Auratone 5C

5C, Passive Monitor from Auratone.

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moosers 03/15/2009

Auratone 5C : moosers's user review


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The Auratone 5C are a small set of passive studio monitors. I love how small and portable they are, and deliver a good sound for such a small set of speakers. However, because of their small size, they aren't best for mixing, but are suited best for A/Bing mixes. Since they are passive monitors, they need to be powered by an external power amplifier. The studio I use these at has them pre set up and I'm not sure what kind of power amplifier that they run it with, but I believe most power amplifiers will run these okay.


While the sound quality of these won't cover all of frequency spectrum, they produce a good, listenable sound, that is good for getting a new perspective on mixes, or simply just for monitoring and listening on. These don't have enough of a low end to make them really a viable option for mixing. The sound quality is clear and is precise for the frequency range that they do cover. The dynamics are tight and overall they have a good punch to them.


I've been using the Auratones 5C studio monitors for about a year and have found them to be a great set of monitors when it comes to A/Bing mixes to get a new perspective on how your mixes will sound on another set of speakers. The price of these is quite reasonable, and I love how easy these are to move from place to place in your room or outside of it. I don't know too many sets of studio monitors that are this small and pack as much punch as the 5Cs. I love having these around to check mixes on, and would absolutely recommend them to those looking for a great set of monitors to compliment their main mixing monitors.