Dynaudio AXYS
Dynaudio AXYS

AXYS, Passive Monitor from Dynaudio.

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K2600 02/13/2006

Dynaudio AXYS : K2600's user review


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A discrete model for distributed at little Dynaudio, confidential, but reveals real listening skills in monitoring and provides beautiful sensations in domestic use. The object is a column elegant but heavy (100 kg). The base housing the HP is 31cm with double walls filled with sand and it always gives a neutral to the grave. Bass-reflex system with reference to the back strengthens. It is therefore necessary to take off the enclosure from the rear wall of 50 cm. This is a 5 way passive system equipped with excellent models of HP Dynaudio course. The size of the moving coil of HP can collect points to 450 W. To compensate for a performance set in the average of 90 dB / W, an amplifier fast enough to 300W does not frighten them.


Neutrality, smoothness and remarkable spatial feature as this place often on the second hand market.

Placed in a space of from 45 to 50 m2, they are able to restore almost all types of music and reveal the flaws and qualities of a production. The bass level can be impressive but never aggressive. The tour of the HP 31 cm scared sometimes but nothing bronchus. So bad it's serious for those who love the sound color. Here we are faced with a neutral bias, high-fidelity high-level. Especially at this price when you look at the prices of HP Dynaudio and their monitoring systems.


Personally, I, unwanted for many years to achieve and monitor mix bag of his acoustic instruments, voice ... never surprises in a mastering studio usually equipped with the best monitoring equipment / hi-fi.

This model is too rare, I would say that this type of enclosure is a serious choice of equipment, durable and fit for a home studio quality.
Many brands produce plays (supposedly) monitoring. Most flatter our ears and above all our credit cards. You just be content to listen and compare.