Elipson 1303
Elipson 1303

1303, Passive Monitor from Elipson.

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Franko HARDRIDER 11/25/2014

Elipson 1303 : Franko HARDRIDER's user review

«  Unalterable reputation! »

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The motivation?

First they line: imposing, robust and proud, it will hang at first sight! Then the technique: 3-way speakers labyrinth. The first non-spherical enclosure with Elipson setting acoustic phase speakers and triple resonator.
They consist of 3 speakers (a TWM SIARE HIF13 CP12 and two big magnet).
A first volume includes two speakers in front, Tweeter SIARE TWM HIF13 + (13cm) triple resonator provided by a small vent at the rear of the enclosure,
the second volume provided by the large front vent comprises the second HIF13 (13cm) to symmetrical load, not shown, confined within the enclosure.
HP DIN Female output.
Bandwidth at +/- 0.3 dB from 40 Hz to 23,000 Hz
Theoretical power handling of 100 Watts RMS
Low Efficiency 82 dB.

For use only audiophile, it was expected to be powered by a Schneider hifi amp A Sound Project 12000 (Philips), but to listen to the result with a receiver Technics SA 500, they stayed with it.


Listen exceptional presence, space and musicality dominated the coherence and consistency.
Excellent definition of the spectrum.
Neutrality and an overall balance that plunges us into an impressive reality.

The quality of the bass output from the HP 13 cm is amazing: nervous, clean, clear, reflecting the high quality of the system.


Always in search of the perfect HIFI gear, I dreamed of the Legendary Speakers for some time. But having acquired a mouthful of bread "Audio Reference 55" (€ 30) and "3a Allegretto" (€ 15), I expected that if this super secondhand. In vain! Anything below € 500!

Acquired at a price of € 280, this is for me a great deal to the views of their unalterable qualities. They therefore complement a pair of "Audio Reference 55" and "3a Allegretto" excellent bills but surpassing the one and the other undeniably.