JBL Control 5
JBL Control 5

Control 5, Passive Monitor from JBL.

sw80 12/16/2012

JBL Control 5 : sw80's user review

« Very big sound »

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The JBL 5 are passive studio monitors, these monitors deliver a high performance and sound and in a compact sized monitor. At the look of them you would not think they have this much power behind them and provide this big of a sound. The will shock and awe you will the potential that they have to give you a crystal clear sound. The price of these monitors will cost around 350 for the pair but it is every worth that amount because you can get some really solid mixes with them.


They have a 3 kHz crossover frequency with 175 watts a piece. They are portable but they still do weight about 11 pounds apiece so moving them around a lot could be a hassle. I never took them anywhere and they just sat on my workstation desk for about 7 months.


The frequency response on the JBL 5 passive monitors is about 75 Hz to 20 kHz, delivering just enough low and high end to give you a nice flat response with no color. The highs are very clear and clean, the lows are full and thick as long as you do not over do it with your mix you should be ok. Sometimes it can be easy to over push the low end bass when you are mixing on these because it will feel like you can make it heavier. It could take some time to “understand” these monitors and it will take a few bad or ok mixes before you can get use to them. But once you do get use to them they can be your main monitors in no time.
I have had no issues with them during the time that I was using them, I was very happy with my purchase and do not regret anything about them. I would purchase them again in no time.