Tannoy 15 DMT II
Tannoy 15 DMT II

15 DMT II, Passive Monitor from Tannoy.

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moosers 03/09/2010

Tannoy 15 DMT II : moosers's user review


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The Tannoy 15 DMT II are a set of high quality studio monitors, designed for uses of all types. I've only had the pleasure of listening and mixing on these monitors a few times, but even from just these few times I can tell these are simply a superb set of monitors. They are pretty big monitors, and weigh a ton, so they are definitely best suited in a stationary studio. They aren't active monitors, so they will require an external power amplifier, and one with a good amount of wattage as these do require a lot of power. I'm unsure of what type of power amp I used with these, as it was in a recording studio that I wasn't as familiar with.


I haven't used too many other studio monitors out there that deliver as full of a sound as the Tannoy 15 DMT II. They cover every frequency that you need to hear for mixing, especially producing a wide low end response. However, just because they have a good amount of bass response does not mean that they skimp on the mid or high end, as across the board the sound comes in crystal clear and true to the original signal. I felt extremely comfortable mixing on the 15 DMT II's as I knew that my mixes would translate well since you're always hearing it right the first time with these monitors. These monitors can also really crank loud, but I tried to keep them in check to make sure that I wasn't getting an unrealistically good sound.


The Tannoy 15 DMT II are undoubtedly designed for professional engineers and studio owners. I don't think that you'll find them in too many home studios, as they are expensive and extremely large! I'm not saying that I wouldn't recommend them to everyone, it just seems like they are more realistically suited for professionals. I can't say enough about the realistic quality that you get with the 15 DMT II's. A lot monitors will give you an awesome sound in the studio, and then when you go back and listen at home, the mix sounds awful. This is not the case with the Tannoy 15 DMT II, and for this reason I'd highly recommend them as a go to pair of near/mid field monitors for your professional recording studio.