Tannoy Reveal
Tannoy Reveal

Reveal, Passive Monitor from Tannoy in the Reveal series.

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Juice d'Aleph 02/13/2003

Tannoy Reveal : Juice d'Aleph's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Personally I think it sounds better than most hp more it adapts well to the sub once Rodee ....

I use a HP Yamaha which gives a price of 7000frs a very good value for price ... (mine are 2 years old) config for a home studio


The severe (great sub) sound great, the highs are not aggressive
everything is relatively neutral (a slight lack of mid) level of the curve
la'image stereo is fairly well defined (to mix it well enough after a time adptation required)


I use about 2 years since
I like the bass and the spectral balance of all
considering the price and number of test I did on the other Hp (of a 5000frs 10000) I find them really well to mix
hp if I had to buy the same because I Rasht to really be better I would have put a lot more money ....