Behringer Digital Snake S16
Behringer Digital Snake S16

Digital Snake S16, Patch Bay from Behringer.

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araubas 09/15/2014

Behringer Digital Snake S16 : araubas's user review

«  The perfect companion to the Behringer X32! »

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specs listed:
dual bus KT 48 channels over ethernet
2 on adat light pipe (fashion splitter)
16 Midas preamps designed (with 48v switchable per input)
8 out (XLR)
1 Headphone (with volume) to monitor the inputs.
44.1 or 48kHz
All on U 2

On board, there are 16 preamps whose design something that approximates what MIDAS made preamps; There are certainly better (and more expensive), and also worse (and more expensive too).
These preamps are doing their job! Not push them to 0 DB, and they offer qquechose quite reasonable.

Programming is extremely simple: It works by Mode
(Mode understand the choice of clock source (internal or remote), addressing of outputs (0, 8, 16) and the sampling frequency.

Cat5e cable is required to connect to the X32.

I have 2 put in a 6U flight with remote connectivity. I make between 1 and 3 lives per month with this config, and it is a joy untainted.