Millenium PB48
Millenium PB48

PB48, Patch Bay from Millenium.

seraya 12/15/2007

Millenium PB48 : seraya's user review


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So here in this patch is really the basic ...
Actually ... I use this patch to store my jack-RCA adapters or some minor troubleshooting. Nothing else!
In a use does not take long! The rings of the mass dconnecte desserts when a jack!
Yet by curiosities and I disassemble a oh surprise ...
The modules look like it mprendre NEUTRIK NYS-SPCR of 1. (Black and white instead of being red and black)
To believe that the same Neutrik is made in China!
7 of the 10's for the cot practice (support for cable and jack) and for the price 30 euros