Monarch MPB-32
Monarch MPB-32

MPB-32, Patch Bay from Monarch.

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nifargov 11/01/2006

Monarch MPB-32 : nifargov's user review

« Good old patchbay »

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
Unbalanced Patchbay (Full-Normal or Parallel) with 32 channels, 16 front and 16 back pairs.
Each patch has its own circuit board and can be flipped to change the behavior: Full Normal when used as standard (e.g. to connect to a console insert), parallel when flipped 180 degree(front jack facing the back and vice versa)

Pay attention that this is a full-normal patchbay, not a half-normal.
This means that it will break the back connection as soon as you plug a jack at the front of the patchbay, top or bottom. Therefore it is not possible to tap out the signal without breaking the original flow.
(However with a little welding, it is easy to make it half-normal, see tip in the tutorial section)

- Simple and robust.
- very affordable when found on 2nd hand market.

- Must be completely taken out of the rack and dismantled completely (i.e. minimum 32 screws to remove) to access and flip a single card. You'd better think about your final setup before you install it in the rack.
- The facade does not eave much room to note down the connections.
- unbalanced, but that you knew it upfront.