Roland SRX-09 World collection
Roland SRX-09 World collection

SRX-09 World collection, Patch/Program Bank from Roland in the SRX series.

solhemnis 10/25/2004

Roland SRX-09 World collection : solhemnis's user review


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I baaaave!
Defects: some sounds are not trsralistes for a sound library world (style bagpipes). Some rptitions in the types of sounds, some sounds a little wacky ...
Quality: .... by the sounds against most goods and walk trs trs tural give originality to the compound. A lot of breadth and depth, the reverbs are sublime. All continents are REPRESENTATIVES, with prdominance of Asia and North America. Contents of instruments in the world is a refrence note note! The Shakuhachi is really impressive (the release can be a touch chouilla), clips or strikes the strings sound really Chinese in the state of mind, the percussion trs are diversified and deep, the sitars smelling curry (well ralistes are), it is truly in a particular sound world, which is held and who is at the same time diversification.
The price in France is against a low lev I think. My report quality price good silent. franais with the price the quality price ratio remains acceptable because there is nothing really miss it in the SRX, it is truly unique, useful and original.