Asus Z92VA
Asus Z92VA

Z92VA, PC Laptop from Asus.

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jinkblade 12/29/2005

Asus Z92VA : jinkblade's user review


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Pentium M750, 1GB Ram, 100GB HDD, 15.4 ", 128MB Radeon X700.
Buy a month ago. Despite my strong Trs aprhension the Centrino (1.8Ghz on the clock, I was afraid), my mix on Ableton Live with 4-5 with 3-4 Vst active tracks with almost every turn clipped, if I a rule to stay in a 3-4 tracks, running a nickel! On my Desktop PC P4 3Ghz I can not put more than two! In addition it is quiet, trs full level connectivity (output monitor, tv, firewire, 4USB), the sound card is intgre infamous, like the HP of the hull, with a EMU 1616 is quite on better (and with the DSP, we put as many tracks you want, almost!).
Forget the use of battery, it would 1:30 (less than to economy, but forget the computer music and video games), it heats a little glamenent, but nothing terrible.
For 1300, no need to go see further at this time for the mobile computer music.