windigo 01/30/2011

Behringer PB1000 Pedal Board : windigo's user review

" A big pedal board!"

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I have used this for a year. The goal was to put my pedals that were lying around.
Not that the first and last hope.
What is nice is that all the connections are provided, several brands of pedals are accepted: Behringer, Harley Benton, Byiang, Fame, Eagleton, Boss, Ibanez, MXR, etc.. Modular Big Muff for example, or VT, VM.
Otherwise its a good board with solid plastic, I had the pick slip rubber, is common on a lot of material.
The price is right given everything that is included.
The more we conceive ourselves as multi-effects, but the floor space is too big! With the experience I would look smaller and buy two. The paradox is that the Behringer 6, half size is the same price.