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moosers 08/04/2010

CNB PDC-410E : moosers's user review


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The CNB PDC-410E is a pedal board and flight case in one. One of the case covers is actually a pedal board, so you've got the best of both worlds here for your pedals in terms of transporting them around for gigs or otherwise. I've had this case for my pedals for a few years and I've definitely been happy with it since buying it. I mostly use it to transport all of my pedals around, or at least all of them that will fit at once, and don't end up using the pedal board of it all that often. However, I certainly have used it for gigging in the past, it's just been a little while where I was playing shows that I required pedals. The pedal board itself isn't incredibly big or spacious, but you can definitely fit a decent amount of pedals on it depending on the size of the pedals. If you've using mostly Boss sized pedals, I would imagine that most users will be able to fit most of their pedals on here. The CNB PDC-410E in general is pretty sturdy, but it's not the sturdiest pedal case I've ever seen or used before. Having said this, I've had mine for about four years and have never encountered any issues with it due to it's build. The price is definitely the best part about the CNB PDC-410E, as this was pretty much the cheapest pedal board that I was able to find, let alone one that is a case as well. If you have a lot of pedals that you use for gigging, I'd double check to make sure that they will all fit on here, but again, most users should be able to fit most or all of their pedals on here. I'd absolutely recommend the PDC-410E for anyone who is looking into getting a pedal board or case at a great price...