Electro-Harmonix Pedal Bag
Electro-Harmonix Pedal Bag

Pedal Bag, Pedalboard / PedalCase from Electro-Harmonix.

dudeseb 09/25/2013

Electro-Harmonix Pedal Bag : dudeseb's user review

«  very convenient »

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I recently started using it's true so I will not talk about the strength or otherwise of the zipper.
I've always been put off the idea of ​​using a pedalboard hard. We all know. That is, the pedals are safe settings too. More ... it weighs a dead donkey, it's bulky, it monopolizes one (see both) hand.
I used a soft case for multi purpose (I had a nova system). Gradually as the pedals are added, the nova is gone. The galley out and plugged my pedals each repeat made me look for an alternative. Well, it goes fast, flexible are the pedalbag.
The idea is good even if the design is not at the top.
It houses a good amount of pedal (I lodge: zoomG3, 2disto, 1fuzz, 1wah, 1 EHX freeze and a multi plug)
Flexible but rigid enough that it does not play the accordion when you ride. It can be worn on the shoulder and that's great (a hand released, a journey of at least my car).
The velcro is provided in addition to (not a crazy amount but sufficient).
Now this is happiness. I tip again with the amp in one hand (Studiotone) in the case of scratches and other effects on the shoulder. All my gear in one trip. I put the pedalbag, I just plug my jacks, current and hop I'm ready.
The two caveats:
outside pocket is very small compared to the size totales.Pourquoi have also made a small pocket?? it houses just one jack (see not in my case) then there was the place to make a right. Surprising.
settings can move during transport but it is almost inevitable with a soft cover (cake and eat it too ^ ^).
Cheap ultimately for the services it provides, I suggest.