Musitronics Corp. Mu-Tron Bi-Phase
Musitronics Corp. Mu-Tron Bi-Phase

Mu-Tron Bi-Phase, Phaser from Musitronics Corp..

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chafouin 10/13/2011

Musitronics Corp. Mu-Tron Bi-Phase : chafouin's user review

«  phase of luxury »

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Superb "pedal" double phaser to large size (a fuse).
The special feature of the device is that the phase B may:
Have its own entry-
-Use the input or output of A
-Uses its own speed (LFO) or that of the A (INV phase or phase)
Lfo every little sin or be square in shape
Possibility of using a pedal to control expression:
rate of A, the A sweep, sweep of B.


The usage is very simple and comprehensive at the same time, the impressive size of the knob adds an easy to use.


The sound of the phaser is organic: very similar to the small stone phaser as well as to ur Electroharmonix at the grain ... but little or no more breath and image brightness, did not tend to "detune" unlike the phaser moog mf-3 (currently one of the best on the new home market).
These two phaser worth it, though the sounds that come out are completely different (moog sound a softer more "chewing gum" MuTron the most natural and organic) chaqun qualitée and having ur possibilitée that did not (I will continue a comparison of 2).
What he is most surprising about the MuTron c is that for a pedal, the input levels that it just accepted without saturation is huge, it is such a low dedant sent to a background (table makie onyx) to hear a start of saturation.
So we just get a huge S / N ratio (more than the moog), which reminds me: c is not a pedal ^ ^
The possibilities are that we just get a wide range of sound, which certainly impossible with any other pedal.
I regret though: it lacks depth of resonance (feedback) that should be possible to set more violent (as in moog) for greater effect, we proceed a little feedback (reviews on the back track same attention when XD) to remedy, or the use of the phase 2 in series
-The lack of adjustment of the center of the modulation (adjustable sweep on the moog) I think is a shame that the permit shall have a greater range of sound and c is I find it very convenient for s adapted to the range of sound, I parliaments to personal tale customized mine to add this feature.


I used the last 5 years has been a day of maintenance concerns due to his age (35 years ^ ^)
An ultimate weapon for the dub definitely (used in many prod reagge and dub, was on the mono-MuTron used by LEE PERRY).
I t is 400euro buy and I do it again this choice.
I t is seen several times a 800euro and even more: C is too.
If you want one and you not find a reasonably priced frankly the Electroharmonix is ​​virtually the same sound with more breath is of c (A view of the high end I know not), if you tell use on a guitar you will see no difference obvious.
The moog (420 eur) is also really good, but c is not the same sound at all.