Shure SC35C
Shure SC35C

SC35C, Phono Cartridge from Shure.

Jkb 03/02/2006

Shure SC35C : Jkb's user review


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Value For Money : Correct
I just bought a cell SC35C ansi Shure provides the diamond with it, and I think the sound is pretty good.
Certainly I have seen much better in the stores stereo, but I think that to be used as an individual, it has a price / quality ratio satisfying ....
In any case it passes over all the scratches of my old vinyl records (LPs that have 20 years and are in Ssali state), then the fina I am quite pleased.
I heard that the diamond Shure was very fragile, but good as I am a maniac, I think if I take care it will last long.
Ultimately, I recommend that cell + diamond to all young students who have not enough money for a Ortofon, and wants only to hear their favorite bands on vinyl.