DTS Theatro Spot PC650/1000
DTS Theatro Spot PC650/1000

Theatro Spot PC650/1000, PC (Plan Convex) from DTS.

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à Chaud 01/27/2007

DTS Theatro Spot PC650/1000 : à Chaud's user review


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I've been using a PC equipped with an 8 1000W lighting from the front in concert.

The cheapest PC in the category of 1000W (75 € in Thomann.de)

A little more light because IRONMONGER plates with fairly thin, but very usable.
Lyre and good tightness. Open to replace the lamp on top of correct size.
Attaching the lens a little summary (many had not endured the shock of transport and the lens was out of the slot. Easy Repair.

One of them was redétaché after falling to the ground.

Please note that the lens is hammered after the Italian fashion and gives a light beam in the center with progressive deterioration to the edge so that there are just the edge of the beam (in contrast to the French CP projecting a round homogeneous on board net).
Practice to connect several faisceaus lighting from the front.
Embarrassing when you should avoid drooling on a projection screen in the neighborhood.

Lower light output to PCs from major manufacturers, especially compared with a PC giving a clear lens Orodes net.

Setting the Magnification knob and screw fairly accurate and convenient.

Note: smoked for 3 hours before the paint is completely cooked and dry!