Boss Micro BR Digital Recorder
Boss Micro BR Digital Recorder

Micro BR Digital Recorder, Pocket Recorder/Multitrack from Boss in the BR series.

p'pa carpenter 01/18/2014

Boss Micro BR Digital Recorder : p'pa carpenter's user review

«  fantastic, but a bit complex »

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I use the Micro BR for over 2 years for my songs of Rock. This is my first camera, being completely new to recording, and no great digital I drooled several months, and although the guide was made necessary because it focuses jewelery several hundred procedures for scores of "buttons". But the final with different tracks, effects, sounds and rhythms of batteries etc, you can create a piece of incredible sound quality. no noise. If necessary, the recording of sound internal micro dictaphone is not so bad. Regarding the drum machine I have not succeeded in exploiting well (too complicated for me) I organize my break and bearings manually with the buttons, it is more limited I think. But to really see feats of this machine will listen to my recordings on sound cloud website by typing Dad CARPENTER on Google.