Marantz Professional PMD620

PMD620, Pocket Recorder/Multitrack from Marantz Professional.

gigib 07/07/2008

Marantz Professional PMD620 : gigib's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I have been using today and I dj a lot with the test microphones Intgr.
Ds that the fate of the paper shows that trs is small, trslger, but solid enough. The faade is aluminum and plastic is strong! Although sr, traps are traps ... So handle with his fingers, but it's the same everywhere, the devices are miniaturized but not my fingers!
What I like most is the ergonomics: It's really easy to use trs, ds that has the batteries in 5 seconds it is ready to record. To set the device there is a menu and everything is accessible directly trs clear. In addition, the instructions are printed book as a book in French. Note: there is an update of the firmware (the software that controls the bios of the device in a way) that still amliore prsentation menu. It just uses Defines three profiles with quality diffrent Different.
There are no unnecessary gadgets like surround sound effects and etc. ... Rglages as basic, but everything is there (limitation of micro, rglage gain, low cut according to the wind)
The sound is really clear and trs microphones pramplis me and the air quality but I have no other rcente exprience.
The low-cut filter (low cut) is quite effective on the wind and handling noise but it would be a well liked Windscreen and maybe a little hairy ... accessory prvoir by Marantz.
Teachers a little something else: the headphone jack is located between the two hair cell microphones, making the cable qe is ride the headphone between the two microphones at all times if you want to do the monitoring while taking sound, which seems to me essential if we want to do a good job given the quality of the microphones. Although sr, if you use an external microphone that remark has no place be. I also think that I will soon buy a small somy ECM DS70 I'm going to put at the end of a cable to have the largest LDC 620 in your pocket for example.
Before this purchase I had to use as portable magntophones bands. Here we find as good a sound quality with a weight divided by 10 at least! The main positive point is the simplicity of use and versatility: it can either be used as a voice recorder recorder to make sounds in nature: the quality of the microphones can be Intgr TRS honntes made sounds. Madam high-quality MP3 is good and trs appropriate for interviews etc ...
When autonomy is fabulous, may have taken several hours with a pair of rechargeable NiMH R6 (rglage do think the menu) with a 512 MB card book with it's 30 min max quality MP3 and 6 h in high-stro. In mono, it is double. So that with a 4GB card cheap now, you want hours and hours of recording with a 200 g appereil!
The report quality price seems right given the trs hardware: it is not a toy!
I think I do it again this choice for now but I do not have much exprience. I will give more information as I test ds more ...