Marantz Professional PMD660

PMD660, Pocket Recorder/Multitrack from Marantz Professional.

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penelop21 07/08/2005

Marantz Professional PMD660 : penelop21's user review


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Value For Money : Poor
Hello I just bought this product knowing that it is not the best of the best far from it actually has the sound recording is standard ..... but I had no choice because I work on mac and this station is not the MD.
+ are the ease of use recognition IMMEDIATE pieces by itunes (a rgale), its taken legeretles 2
xlr, phantom power supply to the formatsMP3 and wave, recording mono or stereo and it works immediately on my microdrive photo without reformatting. the less the size (too big) the fragilitne not drop it at all fairly cheap plastic) and even with a huge NOISE micro PRO but it size disadvantage for PRO is easily circumvented I use SoundSoap 99 Euros and the registration is synthesized nickel.Pour is a product of bizare taken for PRO microphones recording of a quality that is barely that of a registered holder of old tape but terribly practical ........ I do not regret having bought it even if a little competition on this sector is vital because it is much too expensive for what it is