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marceloMicro 09/29/2011

Nagra SD : marceloMicro's user review

«  It's beautiful! »

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I just bought this stereo recorder with the green band capsule. I have no real comparison in this type of recorder.
I work mainly with the Nagra VI as multitrack, or the
Cantar or Deva ... Not being the sound engineer I is not
good listening ear but it still what I'm doing a pole
tempering time! :)
As I am part of an association I had bought a small multitrack recorder so as
not to be obliged to rent the gear each week ...
So I bought a edirol R44.Bon is nothing to do The R44 is the total mess!
I also tested the zoom H2. Forgettable also ... 
Finally, I will not draw you a picture where you type in the beautiful, clean. There's depth precision pre-amp. For an electret is really nice.

What I like: the sound! Super easy to use, it is pretty, it looks solid (aluminum hull) and more beautiful it is! Full button which prevents back through the menus. On aillieur Configured (it's so easy to aillieur) there's no need to come back! sd support, self-10h, clear display. I returned to the navigation menu. It is very nice! We'll have to have more environmental! :)

What I like least: The there are plenty of details: no num entered, no phantom power, no way to name a file, no ability to create a file. But we can do on the computer and put them on the map but you can not register in ... I do not know if I'm making myself clear? Like I'm in the street There's a guy who plays the guitar was a trick. I can not save it in my music folder ... To enter the digital power supply and I was aware so I do not care what one can, if an alim y'avais autonomy with two LR6 battery will not be ten hours! And entered num give me the environment to linger with a whisk. What is not at all discreet! So for me it becomes very funny ...

The value for money ... So it goes to a delicate issue. Because it is expensive for a two track without phantom power without entering num and no internal microphone. Edirol makes a 4 track recorder with phantom power two internal microphone and entered a digital for the same price!
The edirol is a micro unusable! With 4 battery and phantom power I turn to see one hour less! pre-amp that's very bad breath is not nice ...
Then entered a two track digital really correct.
With at least two good nagra I went online (with an optional cable (the virus apple))
In conclusion, it is a device with an expensive but sound quality and excellent ease of use in a rugged but lovely to yours in your pocket!

I will return to make up a progressively able to tell you if I do it again this choice.