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vsavagellc 02/12/2012

Tascam DR-03 : vsavagellc's user review

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I've had this recorder for 2 weeks (took me a while find time to play with it) I didn't bother reading the manual a friend was nice enough to show me how to operate it. The recording I did was an outside recording. The birds were chirping,people were talking,cars where driving and honking their horns and people also blaring music from their vehicles. I was surprised how well this little recorder picked up bass from from a moving vehicle (music was playing of course).

The recorder requires 2 AAA batteries and is very light in weight which is good because I'm a mobile person. I use this device for overdubbing audio onto my video production most cameras don't have good built mic setups so this is a great alternative. For overdubbing I use external condenser mics primarily a Studio Projects B3.

I've only used the internal stereo mics a few times (and they are good). This recorder comes with with a 2gig card which is good for 3 hours of recording. What I would suggest is upgrading your card to at least a 4gig (it will support a card size of 32 gigs).

Transferring files from the Tascam DR-03 is a breeze all you have to do is connect to a computer via usb and drag the files over (drag and drop makes life so much easier). I find this to be very quick and beneficial especially for songwriters as well as people like me to do vocal dubbing.

There is a lot of handling noise which is expected as the built in mics are connected to the device so my suggestion would be to record with holding the Tascam DR-03. If you can mount the recorder you will have better quality recordings or you can just use an external mic like I do