Zoom H4nSP
neeco13 05/29/2009

Zoom H4nSP : neeco13's user review


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This zoom H4n is better pens and pleasant to use than the old. The access to batteries and SD card are good (better) penss. The finish is srieuse and microphones are really XY, with concidentes capsules for once. Navigation is 1000 times more logic over faade button to change the frquence of sampling (which I believe only served NOTHING), but a button to select the entries. Transport buttons are visible and can be finally rgler gain during recording.

The micro pramplis are still as bad, ramnent normment of breath, and no it is not the air, this is indeed the electronic noise around 5-8KHz; is easily lost momentum 10dB compared prampli correct, and I say this with comparative measurements with identical microphones appairs (Oktavas MK-12 to be precise) recording a same atmosphere, calm, and passing in pramplis DIFFERENT. That of a Motu Ultralite, and that of Zoom. The difference is GROSS. Here come some 9km hear the highway, so you can hear 18km with a real prampli. And isolation of an XLR connector has nothing to do with prampli in passing.

The presence of a small HP rcouter always fun ...