RODE pop shield
RODE pop shield

pop shield, Pop Filter from RODE.

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moosers 02/07/2010

RODE pop shield : moosers's user review


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The Rode Pop Shield is a uniquely designed pop filter. I'm assuming that if you're checking out this review you know what a pop filter does, but in case you don't, the purpose of it is to filter out any sibilance and harsh sounding words or phrases in the human voice. It will also protect the microphone from any spit or extraneous factors. This is something that is designed for use in the recording studio, and I'm not sure it would have any other purpose at all.


While definitely the most unique pop filter I've seen out there in terms of design and make up, I'm not sure that the Rode Pop Shield is any better than your traditionally designed pop filter. While it certainly covers more ground as it is simply larger, I never felt that other pop filters didn't cover up the microphone well enough or anything like that. The Rode Pop Shield definitely does have a sturdy built and make up to it, as it is easy to attach to any stand and stays on there sturdily, which can sometimes be an issue for pop filters. While this does claim to be specially acoustically treated, I can't say that I've noticed a real difference between this and a traditional pop filter. For me the Rode Pop Shield would be all well and good and might even be my filter of choice if it wasn't for the price. It is more than double the price of most pop filters out there, which definitely isn't worth it in my opinion. Perhaps if this was a bit cheaper, I would be recommending it. However, the pop filters made by Shure and other brands have gotten the job done for me in the past without being this expensive, so I think I will stick with them...