Marshall MS-2R
Marshall MS-2R

MS-2R, Portable Guitar Amp from Marshall in the Micro Amp series.

mooseherman 04/27/2010

Marshall MS-2R : mooseherman's user review


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This is a really small solid-state amp, one that can fit into your guitar case. There is simply a 1/4" input, nothing more. There is about 15 watts delivered if I am not mistaken. there is one channel, and two eq knobs that control EQ as well as gain and level. The unit runs on a 9V battery, but also has an adaptor sold separately.


The answer to the above question, "can one easily get a good sound" is a resounding NO. In fact, one cannot get a good sound at all, period. I'd rather play an electric guitar with no amplification at all than use this. The manual will explain it pretty well even though it's borderline unnecessary.


It really doesn't matter what guitar you use with this, all the character of your guitar is simply irrelevant once you plug it in. The small amp simply doesn't have the size or power to enhance, let alone replicate, the tone of your guitar. It compresses it to death. You will hate your sound while playing, and everything you play will sound bad. I don't really know what else to say about it.


I would much rather use a headphone amp than this thing, at least then you don't have to bother other people with your sound, and it's also easier to carry. I know the novelty factor is high, and that the mini half stack looks cool, but that will go away pretty soon. I think that if a small portable amp is a necessity, you should really look into Pignose, they have this corner of the market nailed and their amps sound like real amps.