Marshall MS-4
Marshall MS-4

MS-4, Portable Guitar Amp from Marshall in the Micro Amp series.

Nikko_ 03/02/2006

Marshall MS-4 : Nikko_'s user review


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Amp trip is 2 watt transistor.
It takes one input and one output, two speakers.
it has 3 knobs gain, volume and tone.
It works with a 9 volt battery or a 9v transformer same as the majority of effects pedals!


It is sold without a manual but frankly given the config, is it necessary??
its level, it's clear this is not a real big marshall! 2 watts but good for you hope to have the sound of a JCM 900!
the sound is very correct it complies with the sound of the guitar is quite enough!


We can play in clean up his overdriven distortion do not expect it not for that, but the sound is very correct because it is not easy to leave a very good sound with a small power!
I recommend it for those who want to play on vacation or in their rooms because they have no place, to see play outside in the summer with friends on the beach.
it's really a travel amp I did not try other brands and I do not know if we can have the best in the series, but honestly the price is great!


I have 3 years
bah I love that sound more like a marshall but good must not dream, and that's super ok!
I would do the choice is less that one day we do a mini amp modeling of this kind that sounds like a big one! (It's nice to dream!).