Roland Mobile Cube
Roland Mobile Cube

Mobile Cube, Portable Guitar Amp from Roland in the Cube series.

SlapKid 08/02/2008

Roland Mobile Cube : SlapKid's user review


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20 mins tried in stores, quiet. Ai vox DA5, Microcube, microspider not without a point of comparison.
Look radio grandfather-who-is-the-modern-play, 28 by 18 by 11 cm for 2x2, 5w and 2x10cms hp.
Bass reflex, surprisingly compact, sturdy in the hand.
Tested a strat Mexico zonait 50s there, is much worse ...
Connectivity ultra-complete, see Roland for details.
Batteries and industry through Transformer.
Much easier to fit / carry the aforementioned mini amps, very good idea of ​​Roland format.


Very simple, I speak for scratching. Clean crunch and distortion are planned, with chorus and delay / reverb. Or not. The chorus is a simple push-button, and the effect is difficult to imagine for the size of the thing: absolutely gorgeous! Very clean, in fact it is only on one of the hp, the other being dry, the class.
The reverb is good too, but not adjustable delay ok in crunch / distortion solo.
A button for audio tone, enough of this amp.
Very pleasant to use.


Much more clear and open the micro cube, not digital sounds natural-dark-metal. The clean is awesome, makes super stratum, and strong too!
The crunch is nice too, really useful, surprising.
The lead, with Ben stratum is never again but I guess a good potential with humbuckers.
All very simple, and the sound is always fresh, and it sounds strong for its size.
In short I am still amazed there, what a wonderful creature in this ugly dress!
It's hard not to ten, no competition ...


Very good feeling, go take it in hand to see.
There is everything you need to do a good job, and if you like to play clean it really good plan. Unbelievable.
and in addition you can mix with your iPod, stereo siouplait, and frankly it changes everything all at all.
For the holidays is not better, it's simple.