Apple IPod Nano Video 8Go
Apple IPod Nano Video 8Go

IPod Nano Video 8Go, Portable MP3 Player from Apple in the iPod series.

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mr.luka 07/29/2008

Apple IPod Nano Video 8Go : mr.luka's user review


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I tried a very short time, but the ergonomics is always with return from Apple. Space for a bit of video (mpeg4) and lots of music, everyone's preferences. Easy handling, may be more to recommend for people who do not travel constantly, since it is necessary to connect to a computer to recharge the beast (optional charger) and update its playlist.

The accessories are rather expensive for my taste, so provide in the budget to add € 20 to cover and others.

The sound and the headphones seem quite right but I have not had a proper comparison.

I find the animal a bit expensive but it's also the quality and look after is absolutely perfect. A nice elegant object designed for people who have taste (and the means to afford it) in the spirit mac.

I would do this election if I become sedentary. Note that there are programs to transfer music without itunes (winamp, ...).

I recommend it to anyone in love with beautiful things simple and well thought out, and very convenient for those who want to walk around with a énoôorme playlist without having to carry 28 crates of vinyl and 3 boxes of VHS while jogging!