Archos Gmini XS200
Archos Gmini XS200

Gmini XS200, Portable MP3 Player from Archos.

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Blank Frank 12/22/2004

Archos Gmini XS200 : Blank Frank's user review


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I hesitated for months before buying a MP3 player, but the characteristics of the Gmini XS200 and testing of this new model quickly convinced me Archos (see ZDNet (http://www.zdnet. 2C39030316% 2C39192030% fr/produits/materiels/baladeurs/test/0 2C00.htm%)). It can be compared to the fourth generation iPod (20GB capacity for) or an iPod Mini (for the price under 300 €). But the value of the XS200 is just ... the best on the market!

Tiny (5.9 x7, 6x1, 9 cm), it fits in the palm of the hand. Its design is simple and elegant, Archos ( thus demonstrating its willingness to evolve from its previous product lines. A wheel to navigate through menus. The interface is simple, allows the use of music files tags (artist, album, year etc.).

To install, no software is required. Plugged into a USB, the Gmini XS200 is automatically recognized by Windows XP as an external hard drive. You transfer your files (music or otherwise) as in any directory on your PC! Transfer rate (estimated at 11.2 Mb / s at home) is several times superior to any other drive on the market, which is useful if a large memory (20GB). On the PC, no software platform (like iTunes) is necessary: ​​the freedom to copy and paste is total ...

Its main drawback is that, unlike the current trend, it does not seek to combine the functions Mutimedia all-out (radio, images, videos, etc.). And it only reads standard formats (MP3, WAV and WMA). It is not recharcheable the USB cable and battery life is average (10 hours). The quality of sound reproduction is very good, even if the earbuds lack bass and sounded a bit metallic.

To summarize, the Gmini XS200 is a simple player, but very well made: performance, ergonomics and aesthetics. A consultant!