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ricoute 10/07/2011

Cowon J3 : ricoute's user review

«  most excellent in sound quality but usability mean! »

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I've had a year and a half

reference which are not, I know the Sony e443/444.
it is not in the same range either.

I chose it because I am very picky about audio and I wanted one of the best (I'm anti apple).

on the left flank turned and closing
on the right blank spaces 2 keys + / - a key lock touch screen and button volume + / -

taken lower side entry or exit line in video and micro SD slot to boost significantly the storage capacity and headphone jack 3.5
The aesthetic side of Cowon S9 I liked more, but this one is even newer and even better audio, I did not hesitate, if finally a bit for the price!

It is often said ds forums that the quality of mp3 earphones and headphones bcp more prominent than the intrinsic quality of the Mp3.

That's what I'll do it for clarification.
Compared to Sony e443/444 with the same headphones, they listen to a very advanced (not planned) but no spatial depth continuously with the sony

When we go to Cowon, depending on the nature of the pieces (with an encoding e nwma mini mp3 ft above it would not spoil its audio capabilities) the atmosphere can change the sound completely with the extreme neutrality, whether the quality of song is insufficient it will not make a miracle and make matters worse, on the contrary, on the other hand if the song is as it is transported with a transparent, low and very hyper dymaniques farm, beautiful midrange, treble is chiseled hear very well the differentiation of such attacks cymbals.

The dynamics are excellent, and is there if the song of course.
Very few of breath or even saturation.

Finally, 5-band equalization modes with narrow strips of action / medium / large + process audio and diverse environments several points very well stocked

Fashion video quality but the screen with anecdotal 3.3p!

The pros: great audio quality, excellent OLED screen!

the -: average manufacturing, interface menu average price (but no more ridiculous than i-Touch!)
small buttons on the sides a bit small for my big paws and not enough spacing between the beach <&> and locking the touch screen above the hull Cowon!