Janeiro_34 05/03/2007

Tascam MP-GT1 : Janeiro_34's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I use it for 10 days. I was looking for a device that can <strong>reduce the speed of music without distorting the pitch.</strong> I had left at the start of an Alesis Playmate but this product is no longer manufactured and even though it made ​​me realize that ca n ' was not great. So I was led on this product that is relatively new. The worry is that the seller had no perspective on the capacity of this machine or even echoes of users. He could just tell me that he had ordered 10 and 9 were gone in 3 days. It's a bit in the dark I decided to spent the deed to the simple view of the specifications stated on the product box. <strong>The purchase price is 240 €</strong> and honestly, and after 5 minutes of 'ulises I think it's a very good value for money. In fact I even think that <strong>this tool is essential for all guitarists.</strong> Why? <strong>Here are the features:</strong> -> MP3 <strong>1gig</strong> of memory. Of course it is not at all an Ipod MP3 player type, ultra thin and super light. Nothing to do. It is here as part of a tool for musicians with advanced features that certainly requires a much more complex electronics and thus more than just a large MP3 player <strong>following dimensions:</strong> length: 11cm --- Width: 7.5cm- - Height: 2cm -> <strong>Change the tone of a song. two possibilities:</strong> the first is being able to raise or lower the tone by halftone. Your guitar is granted in E and you want to resume a guitar part played in C tuning? No problem. It therefore increases the tone of the piece of 2-tone and you're playing the song has been granted with your guitar always with excellent sound quality. -> <strong>Reduce the speed of a song without changing the Mp3 tonaité the original and</strong> no <strong>significant</strong> feature of even the fastest guitar that exists can be understood. "/> Frankly it is bluffing. Importantly, the sound does not suffer any damage and is of very good quality (the same as the original) <strong>For info: we are January 13, 2010 it will soon be three years since I ' I posted this opinion. I still have this tool and use it as always. Besides, I slowed down now less the speed of the pieces look like much as it develops the ear.</strong>